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My Dogs

Updated: May 2

Both my dogs, did not have a good start in live.

Rosie was beaten by 10 weeks old and called ugly because she is a cross breed. I really don't get people, and to this day she still don't like people and other dogs but is getting so much better. She is nearly 4 now.

Millie was eight weeks old when we got her. She was unwanted as she was so small - she would only be able to have one or two puppies at time - certainly not enough to make money out of, they said.

Rosie is a very lively, active, loving and happy dog. She is very close to Millie - they don't like being apart! Millie likes to boss Rosie around, but sometimes Rosie gives her some back chat and they squabble - just like all sisters do!

Millie and Rosie love the beach. When we got them we told them that we are going to get plenty of walks down the beach, and we kept our promise; every day we are down the beach and on my days off we do about 5 miles in the morning and a few miles in the evening. I love it, too; it's good for the mind and soul and keeps me fit. We sometimes stop for a cuppa, meet up with friends or just have a stroll on our own. Sometimes we can be out for hours.

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